Want Great Skin? 4 Ways To Recreate The Spa Experience At Home


Going to the spa daily or weekly is not realistic for many people. But just because you cannot go to the spa as often as you want does not mean you cannot incorporate spa-like products into your daily and weekly skin care routine. Use Steam Steam is essential to help unclog pores and improve absorption of skin care products. Whenever you plan to do special skin treatments, such as masks or deep cleanings, start your routine by using steam.

26 April 2016

During And After Pregnancy: 3 Common Skin Issues You Might Encounter


From morning sickness to swollen ankles, for many women, pregnancy is fraught with a variety of debilitating symptoms. You were prepared for these symptoms, and assumed the only impact pregnancy would have on your skin is the elusive glow. Unfortunately, if you're like the majority of pregnant women, there's a chance you will encounter one of these common pregnancy skin issues. Here are three of the most common pregnancy-related skin issues, and what you can do to prevent and treat them:

18 February 2016