Dispelling Myths About On Site Hair And Makeup Services


On site makeup artist and hair services can be extremely valuable for those that are hosting formal events. In order for you to be able to weigh these services for the event that you are planning, you will need to avoid letting some common pieces of misinformation lead you to the wrong conclusions about these makeup and hair services. Myth: On Site Hair And Makeup Artists Are Only For Video Production Sets

18 January 2019

How Hair Follicle Stimulants Work


If you're worried about thinning hair, you want to know all your options for finding relief and to help restore your hair to its natural luster. Many things contribute to thinning hair, including poor diet, age, stress, hormones, and even genetics. Whether you're male or female, thinning hair is something you can expect to some degree as you age. There are many ways you can battle thinning hair. You can take hair supplements, which are vitamins designed to restore hair and nail growth, you can purchase wigs to cover balding areas, you can change your hair style so that your hair appears fuller in its weakest areas, and you can consider hair follicle stimulation.

6 November 2018

Thin Hair? Problems You May Have And Tips To Care For Your Hair


Thin hair can feel like a big problem sometimes. Those gorgeous high-volume hairstyles just never work with your hair, and you may even have problems growing out your hair. Read on for other thin hair problems and hair care tips to help your hair. Thin Hair Problems If you have thin hair you may have some of these problems with your hair, such as: Constantly doing and re-doing your ponytail, as it slides down constantly or doesn't hold well in the elastic you're using.

17 July 2018

3 Useful Measures For Those Struggling With Chronic Acne


Dealing with acne on a consistent basis can take its toll on your confidence. No matter how hard you try, acne may remain and prevent you from living a happy life. You can put a stop to this vicious cycle, however, by taking these measures.  Use Prescription Acne Medication Less It may sound counterproductive, but if you have prescription acne medication, you should strongly think about using it less. These medications are extremely potent, and when you use them excess, they could actually dry your skin out and worsen your acne problems.

10 April 2018

3 Tips For Caring For Clip-In Extensions


Clip-in extensions are an excellent investment because they allow you to change up your hair often, without any permanency. They are also made out of real human hair, so you know you are getting high-quality hair that will blend well with your natural hair. When you purchase clip-in hair extensions, it is very important that you take good care of them. There are certain things that you can do to help keep your hair extensions in good condition, both when you are using them and when you aren't.

29 January 2018

The 411 On Kaposi's Sarcoma: Understanding And Treating This Rare Form Of Skin Cancer


Fine lines, wrinkles, age spots, eczema, and moles are all common complaints made to dermatologists. While they affect the look of your skin, these issues are not usually dangerous. However, certain issues that change the look of your skin can be life-threatening without early diagnosis and proper treatment. Kaposi's sarcoma is a rare form of skin cancer, which occurs at a rate of 6 cases per every million people in the United States per year.

19 December 2017

Tips To Make Waxing Less Painful


Every person has their own tolerance for waxing. For some people, waxing is not a big deal at all. They simply inhale before the strip is pulled, feel a small rip or pinch and then are fine soon after. For other people, waxing can be much more painful. If you find waxing to be uncomfortable or painful, but you love the results you get from it, there are a few things that you can do before the procedure to help minimize the pain you feel.

15 November 2017