Beard Care Tips: How To Keep Your Facial Hair Looking Silky And Feeling Soft


Do you have a lot of facial hair? If you've ever shaved all the hair from your face before, you may have felt incomplete without your beard. Although you may prefer the way you look with your facial hair, it might bother you from time to time, especially if it grows out of control and you don't know how to maintain it. However, there are some great ways to keep your beard looking its best and feeling smoother than ever.

16 October 2017

Say Goodbye To Weather Talk — Here Are Some Discussion Topics For Your Next Hair Salon Visit


When many people visit the hair salon, they make small talk from the time they sit down in the chair to the time that the hairstylist finishes the haircut. If you're the type of person who constantly brings up the weather, it's important to realize that you're probably not the only one — and this means that your stylist might be entertaining dozens of weather-related conversations over the course of a single day.

4 October 2017

2 Tips For Successful Microblading Training


There are so many amazing beauty services available today. These services do a wonderful job of making both women and men feel and look their best. One such service that is perfect for women who are not super happy with their eyebrows is microblading. Microblading involves using a small instrument to actually create cuts in your eyebrows that look like eyebrow hairs. These cuts are then filled with a pigment that colors them in.

15 September 2017

3 Things To Know Before Your First Botox Appointment


Botox can do wonders for your self confidence by giving your face a refreshed, more rested appearance and by softening the appearance of fines lines and wrinkles. Botox is also a quick and efficient procedure with no real downtime, so once you know how your face reacts, you may be able to get lunchtime Botox injections and go back to work immediately afterward. While Botox is an easy anti-aging solution, there are still things you should know ahead of time in order to prepare for your first appointment: 

30 August 2017

Benefits Of Choosing PDO Thread Treatments For A Sagging Neck


If you have some sagging skin around your neck, then you may have investigated some cosmetic treatments to tighten the skin. While a traditional procedure like a neck lift can be performed to produce significant results, this type of treatment requires a major invasive surgery. If this is not something that you want to pursue, then you may want to consider PDO therapy instead. Keep reading to understand why the therapy may be a better choice.

23 March 2017

The Five Methods Of Hair Removal You Can Do At Home And At A Salon


Almost every hair removal method offered at a salon you can now do at home. Most people just prefer the salon experience, or would rather have somebody else yank the hair from their bodies because, quite frankly, it hurts too much to do it themselves. If you are able to tolerate pain and you want to save a few bucks, you can do all of the following hair removal methods at home.

21 March 2017

Tips For Long, Strong, And Healthy Fingernails


There are many different ways that women doll themselves up to look like a princess. A very common way for a woman to get dolled up is to get their nails done. Long nails can look absolutely beautiful, and many women will get fake nails to make sure they appear beautiful. However, fake nails can actually do damage to your natural nails. In order to get healthy, long, natural nails you may need to take a few important steps.

15 March 2017